Educational Studies Department

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The department of education studies, St. Teresa’s college of education has with all enthusiasm appreciates and embraces the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities in the college. It is therefore a good thing to hook the department on the college’s website for public access and also as a motivation to all people who have the desire for attaining higher academic learning.

Departments of education are the mother departments in every teacher universities and colleges of education all over the world including Ghana. The Education Department of St. Teresa’s College of Education in the Volta Region will continue to be guided by this perception in educating its Teacher Trainees to become modest in teacher diversity to enable all children including children with diverse learning needs to access education on equal grounds. Additionally, its vision also plays an important role in the training of the Teacher Trainees. Every child has some potential and can be trained to develop and achieve academic excellence.

Courses in Educational Studies

the department has one modest departmental office, well-furnished Guidance and counseling office and early childhood resource room furnished with Teaching and Learning materials, shelves in all the early childhood classrooms with some other teaching learning materials. All these facilities are currently in use. The department functions in diverse ways; teaches all education courses, supervises students’ project work, does teaching practice supervision and takes into accounts teaching practice activities in the college. The department also partakes in other college activities in other to help attain academic excellence as the hallmark of the college.

Units within the Department;

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Psychology of Education

Tutors in this Department


Eunice Awoenam Dogoe

Tutor and HOD - Department of Education Studies
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Veronica Juliana Ofori (REV. SISTER)

Head of Guidance and Counseling Unit
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Pearl Worlali Wotordzor

Tutor Department of Education Studies
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Divine Koku Kekesi

Tutor at Education Department
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Doris Aku Aniwa

Assistant Tutor, Department of Education Studies
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