From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as an alumni, St. Theresa’s support and amenities continue, as a result of your connection to the Teresco Alumni Network, now over 150,000 people.


St Teresa’s College of Education, an all-female institution was established on 1st November, 1961 with 33 pioneer students drawn from the then 9 egions of Ghana.

The college was founded by His Lordship, Most Rev. Anthony Konings of Blessed memory who was the Catholic Bishop of Keta Diocese. The college was initially opened as a two-year certificate “B” college and was called Women’s Training College (WATRACO).

The name was changed to St. Teresa’s Training College in 1964 when the institution was placed under the patronage of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus and adopted the motto: Live the truth in charity

The aim of the founder was to establish a Catholic Teacher Training College for women which would give a sound moral, spiritual and professional education.

The first president who was very active in reviving the association was Harry Attipoe in the year 2011 when the college was just about to celebrate her 50th anniversary. Through the instrumentation of Rev. Sister Veronica Juliana Ofori who was just starting her work in the college in the year 2010, and Mr. Attipoe was elected as the president.

During the 50th anniversary celebration many terescans were present to grace the occasion. Members patronized the selling of the anniversary “T”-shirts and cloths chosen for the occasion.

Mamaa Dussi, Professor Joseph Ogah, Mr. Jordan Hlordze, Miss Doris Aniwah, Mr. Thomas Atisu, Miss Mary Dogbey and Rev. Sis Veronica Juliana were the past students who taught and some are still teaching in the college. Recently Miss Christiana Bonsie and Mrs. Helen Dzandzo have joined.


National executives and members as a whole in each region is to create a blog to decentralize the association as well as keeping the yearly groups.

The college management and (TEROSA) Alumni are committed and ready to collaborate in making the college a center of excellence. Further to the above, the 2016 batch of the Alumni after their recent home coming to the college Management to support their alma mater pledged an amount of Fifty Ghana (GHc 50.00) each as their immediate support towards the development of the college (strength or total number of students were about 200).

The 2016 alumni promised to visit the college regularly and inspire their younger sisters in the college (current students) and other alumni groups to follow their footsteps. They also promised to support the college in other areas that their support may be needed and make themselves available. A memorandum of understanding was agreed and signed by the former principal Mrs. Angelina Kutin-Tandoh and Madam Loretta Ackah, vice president Alumni 2016 batch on behalf of the year group.

The college Management: Heads of English, Mathematics and Science Departments, and Alumni of the college are committed and ready to make sure that the T-TEL challenge fund activities in the college succeed. They are ready to provide the following;

  • the management is ready to provide the necessary resources that will help in the success of the programs
  • the management of the college has agreed to provide accommodation for the alumni whenever they come to the college for the EMS clinics
  • the management agreed that they will use the T-TEL challenge fund to provide meals and snacks for the alumni, Heads of the EMS departments and the challenge fund team that will be present at the clinics and its related activities.
  • the H.O.D’s in the EMS Departments have agreed to read through the clinic materials and quality assure them before they are presented to the first year teacher trainees.
  • the alumni of the college agreed that they are comfortable with all the above terms and also agreed to facilitate the EMS clinics for free.

The first president of the alumni Mr. Harry Attipoe succeeded in supporting some of the excellent award winners who were students. Josephine Bayour was given a cash of one thousand Ghana Cedis (1000.00) during the graduation for being the overall best student.

Also items such as canopies, plastic chairs, books, sewing machines, foot wears were donated to the college and to Home economics Department

Last year 2019 congregation was another kind celebration with a difference where the alumni as a whole and 1995 batch donated cash of two thousand five hundred Ghana Cedis (Ghc 2500.00) to the excellent award winning students.

Finally, until the COVID-19 pandemic set in, it was the wish of the principal of the college, Miss Sophia Micah together with the alumni relation officers of the college Rev. Sis Veronica Juliana Ofori with her vice Miss Mary Dogbey to draw a program for home coming of Terosa prior to the sixtieth (60th) anniversary slated for next year, 2021.  

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NTC exams 2020/2021

7:00 am - 11:30 pmGrand Hall


The composition of the association stands at about 8000 plus. Some are in abroad as well as in the country. The successor to Mr. Harry Attipoe is Mr. Clement Yao Baba in Tema. He is the headmaster of Chemu Senior High School. He is being assisted by Rev. Bright Fiatefe.

The 25th Anniversary saw many of them attended the week long celebration. The old students were recognized for lifting the image of our Alma mater through the higher academic laurel. A mention of Prof. Joseph Ogah of blessed memory and Eric Sarbah cannot be forgotten.

The 40TH anniversary also saw another move to solidify the actions of TEROSA by formally selecting Mr. Harry Attipoe, Mr. Jordan Hlordze and many others to steer the affairs which made Terosa well represented during the celebration.

The 50th anniversary preparation and celebration became a harbinger to the official take off of TEREOSA. Again, Mr. Harry Attipoe, Mama Dussi, Mr. Jordan Hlordze and others worked tirelessly to have a member for the first time on the college council. The first ever election was conducted to bring TEROSA to a formal status.

It is worth noting here that the 1987 year group executives were absorbed into Terosa with Mr. Harry Attipoe of 1982 group as the first president of Terosa. Mr. Attipoe and his vice Mr. Eric with one lady led the association for some years.

They worked with a constitution to guide the executives and members; which behooved all members to pay Ghc 5.00 as a registration fee. This lured many members to the association and frequent programs and meetings were scheduled which was well represented.

In November 2016 the second election was conducted and Mr. Baba Clemence, the current president was elected with Rev. Fiatefe Bright as the vice with others elected to lead TEROSA.

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