College Life

Campus on a tour designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how our colleges like, facilities, students and life in this college. Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.


These clubs and societies help our students to stand tall in leadership, innovation, hard work as well as other social and emotional values. Indeed, TERESCO is a center of holistic education.

  • Academic/ Learning Champions Club
  • Friend of the Environment
  • Peer Counseling Club
  • Gender Responsive Club
  • HIV Awareness Club
  • Sports Club
  • Mathematics and ICT Club
  • Drama Troupe
  • Creative Writers and Debaters’ Clubs
  • Association of Early Childhood Education Students (AECES)

There are many options to explorer in the campus.

There are many clubs and nice places to which you can join or visit respectively depending on your choice.

The Campus Experience

St Teresa’s College of Education is an all-female college of education in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is one of the best colleges of education in Ghana that every young lady who wants to enter the noble profession of teaching should make her first choice. Even though the college is located in the Volta Region of Ghana, her doors are opened to young ladies from all parts of the country.

My encounter with Ms. Josephine Bagyour, the overall best student nation-wide in the DBE Programme in 2012, one of the Alumni during the EMS Clinics organized in the college made me to believe in myself and I have decided to work towards similar awards”

Dibuama Gladys the overall  best student (2018/2019) and an Academic Champion of TERESCO-With 8 grade A and 1 B+ in the previous semester

The EMS Clinics organized for us by the TERESCO and the increased contact hours on the time table have helped me to develop effective strategies that are helping me so much to be on top of my academic work. Thank you Ms. Josephine Bagyour, for making me realized that smallish and very young ladies can lead their giant colleagues.

-Wadjoly Perpetual Sroda M. (The overall best level 100 & 200 student, SRC President (2018/2019) and an Academic Champion in TERESCO)

I had a misconception that EMS was difficult and was meant for males, but my encounter with Ms. Loretta Ackah, one of the distinguished past students during the EMS Clinic made me to realize that I just needed a little perseverance to excel in EMS.

- Pascaline Amegavi Mawusi (SRC Vice President and an Academic Champion of TERESCO)

English Language was my greatest fear; Mathematics was my most challenging subject and Science was my worst enemy.

 Now I am cured, all thanks to the my Tutors, Management for their interventions such as the EMS Clinics and my encounter with distinguished Alumni of TERESCO who made me realized that even though they  did not do well in EMS in SHS, TERESCO has helped to change their story

LawrenciaAsem-Deku (SRC President and an Academic Champion of TERESCO)