St. Teresa’s College of Education

Doris Aku Aniwa

Assistant Tutor in the Department of Education Studies

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I had my Bachelor Degree (B.Ed) in Special Education at the University of Education – Winneba, Cert ‘A’ Teacher’s Certificate in St. Teresa’s Training College and Secondary School Certificate in Kpando and Leklebi Secondary Schools. I have been teaching for twenty-three (23) years now. I have taught in basic and tertiary levels all these years.   

As an assistant tutor in St. Teresa’s College of Education, I teach every education courses assigned to

me in the Department of Education Studies.  Positions once held in the College include:

  • Hall Warden of St. Agnes Hall 2009 to 2013
  • Hall Warden of St. Margret Mary Hall 2013 to 2016
  • Teaching Practice Coordinator in 2015
  • Head of Department of Educational Studies 2012-2016



  • B.Ed Special Education, University of Education, Winneba,
  • Cert ‘A’ Teacher’s Certificate, St. Teresa’s Training College

Research Interest

  • Investigating how Special Needs Education prepares the Student Teacher towards inclusive teaching in the basic education classroom.